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Mikro-Data is a full service hosting, security and data center company located in Lexington, Ky. We have been in business as a data center since 2001. Before that, most of the Mikro-Data staff was employed by our affiliated company, Mikrotec Internet Services; the leading Ky. based Internet Service Provider.

Mikro-Data is part of the Gearheart Communications family of companies, which has been providing a wide range of communications service to eastern and central Kentucky since 1947. From telephony to Internet to wireless, the Gearheart family of companies can meet virtually any communications need.

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest levels of dependability, service and speed in the industry today. To learn more about our corporate philosophy and other member companies, visit the Gearheart website at

Our Commitment to You

 Mikro-Data's commitment to it's customers can be summed up simply: We keep the computers running.

If you're in business, be it designing web pages or anything else, you have a lot of things to do. You have to find ways to bring in customers and you have to see to it that those customers are happy.

That means you probably don't have time to worry about whether your internet connectivity is reliable, getting your backups done or any of that sort of thing. That's what Mikro-Data is for.

You worry about making money; we'll worry about keeping the computers running.



Mikro-Data maintains a state of the art hosting facility, featuring the following:

• Multiple OC3 connections, fully load balanced for reliability and speed.
• Reliable Enterprise class Cisco switches and routing equipment.
• A natural gas powered generator
• capable of powering the facility indefinitely and UPS backups to supply
• uninterrupted power. This system is tested monthly (in such a
• way that power is not interrupted) to ensure reliability.
• Two separate, fully redundant HVAC systems for server areas.
• A halon based automatic fire control system.
• A physically secure building with motion detector alarm systems.

Below is a small list of shared hosting plans that we have available for your web hosting needs. To view a more complete list or learn more about our hosting plans, please visit




Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the fast, easy, way to launch your online presence without the need to buy your own equipment. Get just what you need from these options.

Mikro-Data provides the latest in data security techniques, custom tailored to the needs of each client, but there is no such thing as perfect security. Intrusions can happen on any system.

In light of this fact, Mikro-Data must remind it's customers that while we take all due care in provisioning requested security services, Mikro-Data makes no warranty against intrusion, compromise or other misuse of service.

Further, it is the customer's responsibility to be aware of and comply with all laws and regulations which may apply to your use of this service.