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When life can't wait, TV can.
There’s always something keeping you from watching your favorite shows, like distractions around the house or inconvenient show times. With Inter Mountain Cable’s DVR service, you can watch your favorite shows on your schedule, not the networks’. A DVR from Inter Mountain Cable lets you do everything from watching one show while you record another, to pausing Live TV, rewinding and watching that scoring touchdown all over again. 

Save money, because you don’t have to buy any expensive equipment to receive a DVR. Inter Mountain Cable customers can lease a digital video recorder (DVR) at a low monthly rate see our pricing section.
It’s easy with DVR. Set your recordings at the click of a button.

Put your TV on your schedule. Record any show day or night and watch them when you want. Plus you can record one show while you watch another.
Never miss a moment. Interruptions are a thing of the past. Pause live TV to make popcorn or answer the phone, or rewind to see what you’ve missed.
New Miss a Favorite Show. Record a show to watch later and skip past all of the commercials.
Set it and Forget it. So easy, anyone can do it. Set your recordings at the click of a button.
Tons of Space. Inter Mountain Cable DVR's can record and store up to 160 straight hours worth of movies, tv shows and sporting events for your viewing pleasure.

IMC Video On Demand. Click here to check out the available Video On Demand titles.
Sit back and soak up a huge collection of entertainment to play as you please. Over 1,000+ movie rentals to enjoy with our Video On Demand service. [All IMC Blockbusters launch 28 days before Netflix and Redbox]

• Get thousands of choices including premium movies, shows, kids’ programs, videos, and more, including early premieres.
• Watch newly released movies for the same price or cheaper then your local video store.
• Enjoy TV on your schedule.
• No need to make a trip to your local video store, sit back and relax on your couch and order the same movies without the worry of late fees.

Digital Video Recorders
With Inter Mountain Cable's DVR there will always be something good on TV. Sign up Now!