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Notice to Existing Subscribers to Cable TV Programming Offered by either

Inter Mountain Cable, Inc. or
Mikrotec CATV, LLC

Encryption of Video Basic Service Tier
Notice Date: June 30, 2013

I. Introduction.
This webpage notice to existing subscribers explains our plan to encrypt the channels shown on our Basic Service Tier and existing customer eligibility for new set-top equipment.  
The “Basic Service Tier” is the lowest service level available, and encompasses the 21 television channels assigned numbers 2 through 13, 20 through 22, 66 through 70 and either 98 or 99 (depending on your service area). The Basic Service Tier does not include what we describe on our channel lineups as “Expanded Basic,” “HD Channels,” “Digital Channels,” any of the movie channels, any pay-per-view channels or “Galaxie Music.”
While we have made every effort to describe the entirety of our encryption plan and eligibility of subscribers for new home equipment, it is possible that we have omitted information which may be relevant to one or more customers who may qualify for this program. In that event, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience or misunderstanding that may result. Also, please understand that the following information may be changed at any time, with or without notice, and that the following information is solely for the convenience of our customers and creates no rights, privileges, duties or obligation.

II. About Encryption of Basic Service Tier Channels.
What does it mean when you say you are “encrypting” the Basic Service Tier channels? Encryption is the process of encoding or “scrambling” programming so that individuals cannot view the programming without authorization and payment. Encryption also allows us to automate certain system functions and will reduce the need for scheduled in-home appointments, providing greater convenience for our customers.

When will you begin to encrypt the Basic Service Tier channels?
Our present plan is to encrypt these channels starting on August 1, 2013, although it is possible that we may delay the start of this encryption due to unforeseen difficulties.

Are the channels outside of the Basic Service Tier encrypted?  
Yes. Those channels have been encrypted for some time. The only channels that we will begin to encrypt for the first time on August 1, 2013 will be those in the Basic Service Tier. The other channels will remain encrypted after we begin encrypting the Basic Service Tier.
What equipment do I need to ensure that I will continue to see the Basic Service Tier channels once they are encrypted? You will need a set-top box, a digital transport adapter (“DTA”) or a CableCARD enabled device on each TV in your home connected to cable to ensure you will see the Basic Service Tier channels on that TV once encryption is complete.

I already received a set-top box from you for each TV. Do I need to obtain a new set-top box or to do anything to receive the Basic Service Tier channels once they are encrypted?
No. We supplied all existing subscribers with two set-top boxes when we converted the cable system to “all-digital” operations (meaning we converted those channels that had been transmitted in analog format into transmission in digital format). These set-top boxes will receive and decode (i.e., allow you to view) the encrypted Basic Service Tier channels without any additional equipment or action on your part.  

Is it likely that I will need a set-top box or DTA to receive the Basic Service Tier channels after they are encypted?
No. To the contrary: very unlikely. In the process of converting the cable systems to “all-digital” (i.e., no analog) operation, we provided each existing subscriber with 2 set-top boxes that will decode the Basic Service Tier channels, as well as all other channels and packages to which the household subscribes.  

III. Our Offer to Provide Equipment, at No Charge, to Receive Basic Service Tier Channels after They Are Encrypted.
Who is eligible to receive equipment at no charge, what will they get and how long will it be at no charge?
Existing Basic Service Tier-only customers who currently do not have equipment from us on their account are eligible for up to two (2) set-top boxes which function as digital transport adapters (“DTAs”) or CableCARDs, at no charge for two (2) years (five years if you also receive Medicaid, as explained below) if they request the DTAs or CableCARDs during the equipment offer period beginning 30 days before the first date of encryption of the Basic Service Tier and ending 120 days after the first date of encryption.  
You are not eligible for this offer of up to two DTAs or CableCARDs if you receive any other tier of service from us, such as “Expanded Basic,” “HD Channels,” “Digital Channels,” any of the movie channels, any pay-per-view channels or “Galaxie Music,” with one exception. That exception is these existing customers who also receive Basic Service Tier-only service on a secondary digital TV without equipment supplied by us are eligible for one DTA or CableCARD at no charge for one year if they request the DTA or CableCARD during the equipment offer period beginning 30 days before the first date of encryption of the Basic Service Tier and ending 120 days after the first date of encryption.

I am currently on Medicaid, how can I take advantage of the five year Medicaid discount?
Existing Basic Service Tier-only customers who are receiving Medicaid, at the time of encryption, and do not have equipment from us on their account are eligible for up to two (2) DTAs or CableCARDs, at no charge, for five (5) years if ordered during the promotional offer period beginning 30 days before the first date of encryption and ending 120 days after the first date of encryption. Medicaid recipients receive from their respective home state authority a readily identifiable card identifying the individual as a Medicaid recipient. We will use this identification to verify that the subscriber is a Medicaid recipient.
My grandmother lives with me and receives Medicaid; can I use her Medicaid recipient status to take part in these promotional offers? No. Only the account holder is eligible for this offer. Are there discounts on other products or services available to Medicaid eligible customers? No, this a special equipment offer that applies to customers receiving Medicaid and who may be affected by the encryption of Basic Service Tier channels.
The following chart summarizes this offer:



When must I order my DTAs or CableCARDs?
DTAs available under this offer must be ordered during the equipment offer period; beginning 30 days before the date of encryption and continuing until 120 days after encryption. A notice has been recently sent to all customers informing them of their eligibility and the start of the offer period. As stated in the notice, those eligible for no-charge DTAs under this offer must order the DTAs between July 2, 2013 and November 29, 2013. Orders received or changed after November 29, 2013 will not be eligible for this offer unless the end date of the offer is extended due to a delay in the commencement of encryption of the Basic Service Tier beyond August 1, 2013. Prior to this offer and as part of our conversion to “all-digital” operation, existing subscribers received two DTAs per household without charge for the first 12 months. While that offer is now over, those existing subscribers will continue to enjoy those two DTAs without charge for that first twelve month period. 

In the event you are an existing subscriber, and you want an additional DTA but do not qualify for the offer described on this web page, or you are a new subscriber who does not qualify for the offer described on this web page, we will supply you with DTAs for a monthly charge. The charge is $1.25 for each DTA, per television for expanded basic subscribers, and $.75 for each DTA for Basic Service Tier-only subscribers. The CableCARD charge is $1.75 per card.
What happens after the expiration of the no-charge period for the DTA or CableCARD?
Local market pricing will apply after the no-charge period. You will receive a notification between 60 and 30 days prior to the end of the no-charge period and these charges being applied to your account.

Do the no-charge equipment periods begin when equipment is delivered or when encryption of the Basic Service Tier begins?
The no-charge periods for equipment under this offer begin when the equipment is delivered under this offer. What are the differences between a set-top box and a digital adapter? A set-top box processes digital-quality signals. With this box, you can view the on-screen channel guide, Pay-Per-View (“PPV”) content, all available channels you subscribe to regardless of your service package and 50 commercial-free music channels. A digital adapter also provides digital-quality signals. However, when using a digital adapter, you won’t have access to an on-screen channel guide, PPV content, premium channels or the music channels.

About New Equipment Installation/Eligibility

What if I don't really want any more equipment?
Equipment will be required to view all of the video programming to which you subscribe. This equipment is easy to set up and you may be eligible to receive equipment at no additional monthly charge or service fee for a limited period of time.
How do I order a digital adapter?
Please call, 1-800-635-7052 to order your digital adapter today.
Can I install the digital adapter on my own?
Yes; installation instructions are included in the digital adapter self-installation box. You can also watch the “How to Install a Digital Adapter” videos. See Below.
Can you please send someone out to install this for me?
Yes, a professional installation is available which may require an additional charge.
What if I want a set-top box instead of a digital adapter?
Set-top boxes are available for a regular monthly rate, which varies by area and level of service. Please contact us for more information.
I received the offer for a digital adapter at no additional charge in the mail, but I would like an additional CableCARD instead. Can I get this as part of the offer?
The promotional offer can be used with digital adapters or CableCARDs
I am a new customer, and the Basic Service Tier channels were encrypted just before I signed up. Am I eligible for this offer?
Unfortunately, you will not be eligible.
How many devices can I obtain?
There is no limit to how many devices you may order. Additional charges will apply to digital equipment and digital equipment service that exceed the number of devices included in your package. The cost and number of devices will vary by service level.
Can I upgrade to a higher level of service?
You can upgrade to a higher level of service; however, the equipment offers may not apply to the higher level of service. I’m moving to a new house, will my equipment offer apply to the new account? If you are moving to an address that is within our service area, our transfer procedure will allow equipment pricing to follow you to the new address subject to our then-prevailing move fee.

Can I qualify for this promotion by terminating my existing service in whole or part and then re-subscribing?
No. A residential address that deletes a service or services and then subscribes for services to the same premises under a different or same name will not be eligible for this offer. Similarly, an existing customer who seeks to become eligible by giving back or ceasing to use equipment supplied by us does not qualify for this offer.

If you obtain a DTA or CableCARD under this program, and you cease taking our service for any length of time and for any reason, you will not be eligible to participate in this program upon recommencing receipt of our service.

If you reduce service from two to one television sets for any length of time and for any reason, and receive a DTA or CableCARD under this program for the second set, you will not be eligible to participate in this program upon recommencing service to a second television set.
Can I apply the promotional offer to a digital adapter that I already have?
The offers apply only to new devices added to your account with us, to the extent that your account is eligible.
I do not want this device, so can I return it and still receive service?
No. Customers who do not have digital equipment on their account will not be able to view any channels after Basic Service Tier channels are encrypted. For this reason, our service will be removed from the account. This may affect multi-product package rates or discounts.
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Every subscriber will be required to have a Digital-To-Analog Converter [DTA] Box on all televisions. Additional Box Requests: [above the two that have been mailed to you] please call us at 1.606.452.9406 or 1.606.478.9406 to schedule pickup or mailing of your additional boxes. Questions about how to install you Digital-To-Analog [DTA] boxes, please follow the instructions on the back of this letter, or call our 24/7 Help-Desk at 1.606.452.9406 or 1.606.478.9406.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you install the DTA boxes as soon as you receive them in the mail, to make sure your service is not interrupted.