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If you had a chance to save over $800 on your phone bill each year, would you do it?
Depending on your calling habits, you can-just by switching to Inter Mountain Cable's new Digital Phone service . Not only will you get unlimited local and long distance calling with each IMC package, you can avoid many of the additional taxes and fees that add up when you use traditional landline phone service. Plus, a lot of the most popular calling features are also available with Digital Phone, including caller ID, call waiting, voice mail and more.

But what exactly is Digital Phone and how will having a local digital cable company (Inter Mountain Cable) as your provider affect your phone service?

Inter Mountain Cable is very excited to offer you our new Digital Telephone Service. To take full advantage of our Digital-Clear talk, we suggest that after the installation of our VoIP Services, you think about purchasing a phone system with additional handsets. This will give you the BEST PHONE QUALITY, PERIOD.

[We only suggest this because we have no way of knowing the extent of your home wired lines and if there is a problem, your repairs could be substantially high. This is a suggestion from Inter Mountain Cable for immediate satisfaction of our services without any line issues]

Again, our Digital Phone Service is the right fit for you and your family... it offers you the satisfaction of SAVINGS on your bill every month. If you would like to know more about our Inside Wire Maintenance, just go to



Other Benefits:

• Inter Mountain Cable includes FREE calling to Canada
• Your will receive FREE equipment and installation of Digital Phone
• Keep same number (BellSouth, Windstream, Verizon, Inter Mountain Cable, Frontier or Southeast Telephone)
• Free local calling and unlimited long distance

The good news for you is that Digital Phone quality has increased significantly since these early days. Now, people are switching to Digital Phone without even realizing it and raving over the Crystal Clear” communication quality that they are receiving. Inter Mountain Cable offers Digital Phone with all of our service bundles so that you don’t have to worry about high pricing when deciding to switch to our service.  

More good news about Digital Phone (Digital Phone) services is its new and improved security features. When Digital Phone first gained popularity, many companies lacked the ability to provide 911 services with their service. Inter Mountain Cable has made it a priority that all future customers that are switching their phone service to us WILL receive the ability of E-911 service.

Another security-type issue that was a problem with early Digital Phone service was that if the electricity went out, customers would lose their phone connections. Digital Phone providers are now more adept at finding ways to prolong their phone service when the power goes out. For example, Inter Mountain Cable is offering a new service called “Find Me” for Digital Phone customers. “Find Me” gives you the ability to add additional phone numbers to your calling plan, such as your cell phone, so if the power goes out or there is a loss of broadband service, your calls will be forwarded to that number that you specify with Inter Mountain Cable.

But before you decide if Digital Phone is right for you, it is important to remember that Digital Phone service requires a high speed cable internet connection. If you don't currently have Internet service, Inter Mountain Cable offers many bundle packages that will save you money when combining both digital phone and high speed cable internet services. If you already have high-speed Internet or are interested in getting high-speed internet in addition to Inter Mountain Cable Digital Phone service, it is cost-effective to order Digital Phone service from Inter Mountain Cable.