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Connect Your Local Business with a Business Digital Phone System from Inter Mountain Cable!
In today's world, every moment that your company is disconnected is a moment wasted. But why should any company, ESPECIALLY YOURS, spend the time or resources to manage their BASIC LANDLINE PHONE SYSTEM? At Inter Mountain Cable, we know your employees don't need to be wrestling with outdated and/or difficult technology that is why your company NEEDS to switch to BUSINESS DIGITAL PHONE. Inter Mountain Cable is dedicated to providing the most current technologies for our business digital phone system to help you grow your company without the extra costs of a landline phone systems.

For over fifty years, Inter Mountain Cable has had much experience in local landline telephone service, now it is only fitting that Inter Mountain Cable enters the Digital Phone era. Inter Mountain Cable has been helping local businesses grow by improving communications for local work applications. We NOW specialize in local Digital Phone business systems. Digital Phone is a powerful tool for any business seeking a digital phone system: it can connect offices and clients around the globe in real time, exactly as a telephone would. However, Inter Mountain Cable Digital Phone service providers do not charge the fees that a typical telephone service might, thus by saving you loads of money on your month billing. (FREE calling in the 606/859 area code and up to 8,000 of shared long distance minutes every month - for more information visit: Digital Phone Calling Area )

Benefits of a Business Digital Phone Phone System:
Large corporations have been harnessing the power of Digital Phone for years, but the advantage isn't just for them. Many small or medium sized business owners are seeing the power of the global connectivity provided by a Digital Phone office phone system. It provides the unique Calling Features that allow each member of your business to have his or her own number, and that number can be dialed directly, rather than your customers getting an operator; Plus, our new Voice Mail and Voice-to-Email features (which are standard on ALL Digital Phone Business Plans) allows for you to check your important messages from any phone or email service across the United States. Plus, the Voice Mail can be sent to your cell phone so you can see it and listen to it at the right time.

Business Calling Feature Advantages:
• Voice-To-Email - Receive and listen to voice messages over you home or business email browser.
• Voice-To-Email - Receive and listen to voice messages over you home or business email browser.
• Voice Mail - Professional voice mail services for your business - never miss an important call from a potential client.
• 4,500 Long Distance - This were most landline phone companies kill a business monthly profit. Inter Mountain Cable offers you the most Long Distance to help you with your out-of-state calling needs.
• Free Calling in the 606/859 Calling Area - perfect for small businesses that make a majority of their calls locally (plus you still have the 4,500 Long Distance Minutes for Out-of-State calling)

Whatever your office's needs, Inter Mountain Cable Digital Phone Service can provide the right communication system for you business and provide professional installation. We always work to minimize the operating and purchase cost for any office phone system while optimizing the features that the system can provide, giving you the best Business Digital Phone Phone System for best price.

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